Goliath CranesGoliath / Gantry Cranes are self propelled cranes running on rails installed at ground level. Gantry cranes have become a widely accepted alternative to overhead bridge cranes whereas its installation is not possible e.g. Open Warehouses & Docks or Bulk Storage Areas. Its also widely used in Construction & Infrastructure Development. 

  • Built to Class IV, Heavy duty, (M8) specifications, which meet the demands of high duty cycles and multiple shift operation, as well as providing decades of reliable service for all applications

  • Available up to 100 Tons capacity.
  • Outreaches are also available
  • Indoors or Outdoor Applications.
  • Available with High Lifts

Container cranes

Rail mounted cranes are featuring single and double-girder bridges with lattice and box type design, depending on application conditions, are used for handling of 20'-, 30'-, 40'- and 45' containers Smooth operation assures long-life performance and maintain high productivity and liability of cranes.
Low power consumption and regeneration during braking and load lowering.
Modular design ensures easy access for crane maintenance. & precise positioning of the load. Container cranes can be used in railway terminals, in sea and river ports, they can also be operated in various handling systems including automated & programmable systems.


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