'ASIAN NATIONAL'  offers a widest & most sophisticated Customized EOT ( Electric Overhead Travelling) Cranes Ranging From 200 kg to  250 Tons. Our Electric Overhead traveling Cranes  are widely used in Steel Mills, Heavy Processing & Service industry for easy material handling  & lifting solutions. Our Overhead material handling EOT cranes are perfect for crane lifting operations, logistics & drive solutions for light & heavy engg. industries, processing plants, automobiles, solutions for companies of all sizes & in all sectors, trades, industries , workshop requirements in warehouses as well as in open storage areas. Our EOT Cranes are provided with great flexibility in allowing the  very precise positioning  and jerk-free handling of loads for smooth placing & lifting.             


Crane Selection Guide:  As per as Indian Standards Specification 807 and 3177 cranes have been basically  divided into following classes.

Class-I Light Duty EOT Cranes ( M 1, M 2 )

There are normal maintenance EOT Cranes which are no in constant use. Cranes for periodical maintenance of plant and machinery come under this category maximum working1000 hour per annum. These Overhead crane is slow and light in structure.

Class-II Medium Duty EOT Cranes ( M 3, M 4, M 5 )

The most popular class in EOT Cranes perhaps covers the largest number of  industries. This Electric overhead Traveling Cranes is most popular in workshops, Machine tool, Foundries, Processing Plants, ware-houses and in fact every area where a fair degree of activity exists. These cranes are designed for maximum 2000 working hours per annum. 

Class-III Heavy Duty EOT Cranes ( M 6, M 7 ).

These EOT Cranes are meant for Workshops  and production Shops, Where the cranes, in addition to normal handling work, also become  a part of production process. These  Overhead Crane are installed particularly in those workshops which run 2/3 shifts per day .The Maximum workload of these cranes is about 3000 hours per annum. 

Class-IV Extra Heavy Duty EOT Cranes( M 8 )

This class includes very special eot cranes with maximum work load like steel industries, cement industries, Storage Houses & in some other selected industries. these are designed for continues duty operations.


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