Gantry / Goliath Crane

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Gantry / Goliath Cranes

Asian Cranes specializes in robust Goliath cranes, widely used in demanding industries. These powerful lifting solutions have parallel legs supporting a horizontal bridge for moving heavy loads. Our cranes come in various configurations such as single or double beam as well as in semi-goliath form also, accommodating different capacities and spans. Equipped with dependable hoists, they ensure efficient and precise lifting. Ideal for shipyards, construction sites, and storage yards, goliath cranes provide excellent coverage and flexibility for material handling tasks. Engineered for durability and safety, they withstand heavy loads and adverse conditions. With advanced safety features, our user-friendly cranes require minimal aintenance, maximizing productivity. Asian Cranes delivers tailored, high-quality Goliath cranes that meet performance, reliability, and safety standards.

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